March 7th, 2019

2019 Home Design Trends

If you are scouring the internet for the hottest design trends for 2019, we have found what you are looking for! Contrary to popular belief, we don’t think that bold colors everywhere will be all the rage for your home and definitely not the maximalist renaissance paintings – let’s leave those in the museums. What’s hot in 2019 then? We will boil it down to three trends and we hope that they don’t just trend, but hold a steady pace as key home design strategies!


Timelessness really shouldn’t be a trend, but something everyone should strive for in a designed space. In a time where sustainability and being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly important, we should create and live in spaces that can withstand the test of time. There’s nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on your home and having to replace it all in a few short years because it looks outdated, or even worse, did not hold up. We work on projects a few years before they are even occupied, so we are always cognizant that the home should look great the day someone moves in. Long past (or so we hope) are the colored bathtubs, appliances, and shag rugs! If anyone has lived in one of our older walk- up/ lowrise buildings in Vancouver you know what we are talking about. Looking past aesthetics and really considering the materiality of finishes and furniture should be the new trend. We believe that the key to a great space is the design of an impeccable foundation – one that evokes emotion and is simply timeless.

White with a Hint of Color

There is a critique going around that says minimalism and Scandinavian design are too stark and lacks personality – we disagree. It is known that we here at A3  love our neutrals, especially white! If you need a quick way to bring life into a space, never underestimate the power of a white wall and good lighting. While living in an entirely white box of a space – taking minimalism to the extreme – white should not equate to sterile. Use white as a backdrop to really let what you want to feature truly shine such as exposed wood beams and columns, brick and stone to name a few. Want some more color? Go with the 90/10 rule and balance the 10% of color with 90% white. It’s like cooking – you add a little spice for flavor, not the other way around!

Biophilia & Natural Tones

Punchy color does not need to be in your wall color or your cushions. Pause and read that sentence again. Statement walls were once the rage, but having to repaint that wall year after year to stay on top of trends is probably getting exhausting. Instead, introduce natural colors into your home through biophilia – the fancy word for plants. There are countless studies that show how views of nature and elements of biophilia in a space have benefits to human health and provide a sense of respite. Some large plants we are loving right now include cactuses, succulents, air plants, the rubber tree and split-leaf philodendron. The dark leaves enliven a space without being too vibrant! Don’t have a green thumb? Introduce natural tones into your home instead of through warm-toned woods such as white oak. They key here is not to over-do it!

What do you think will be a home design trend in 2019? Let us know with the hashtag #area3designtrending2019