July 29th, 2015

3 Tips to Transform Your Entry

Everyone knows that first impressions are important. Within moments of meeting someone we leave an impression – good or bad. It is the same principle with your space, the front entry or foyer is the first place your guests experience. Although we don’t usually spend more than a few minutes in the foyer, this space is still important! It’s the perfect place to express your style and create a welcoming transition space from the public areas to your private home.

Light the Way

Yes, we love light… we can’t emphasize enough how important it is!  After all, what use is a good design if you can’t see it?  Your front entry needs to be well lit. Ever had the challenge of digging through your bag or a drawer for your keys?  You know the importance of good lighting! There are many options to light up your front entry depending on how big it is. If your foyer is large with high ceilings, definitely consider having a chandelier. It becomes not only a source of light but a focal piece that can be quite stunning. Got a smaller front entry?  A couple of wall sconces will provide plenty of lighting without taking up space. If you have the space for an entry table, a beautiful lamp will also do the trick!

Seating & Storage

Not matter how small or large your foyer is, you need seating and storage. Coming through the door, you are bound to have keys, a bag or two to put down. Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to put them all down right away without creating a mess on the floor?  An entry table or a shelf is the perfect spot to put down your keys and some mail. Make room for a chair or if you have the space, a bench works double duty as a place to take off and put on your shoes with space to put down your bags and storage below. Of course, a place to store coats is important. If you don’t have an entry closet, install a few hooks or a coat rack to put your wet coats after coming in from the Vancouver rain. Gloves, umbrellas and other accessories need a home as well, so make sure to provide storage for those items as well!

Make a Statement

If you are unsure of trying something bold anywhere else in your space, the front entry is the best spot to try!  It’s not a huge space and you only spend so much time there a day so why not try something bold. If you have never had wallpaper, this is a good opportunity to find one that you love. Mirrors are always a must as they are not only functional but also makes your space feel bigger and brighter. Hang one above your entry table with wall sconces on either side for a tried-and-true pairing. Of course, accessorize your entry table with a vase of fresh flowers (or faux for easy maintenance) and other décor in your style. To add more character to your front entry, a nice rug pulls the space together. If you have a great piece of art (or a few), the foyer is a wonderful place for display. Refer back to one of our previous blogs “All You Need Is Art” for tips and inspiration. No matter what your style is, there is an opportunity to make a statement in your foyer!


What are your first impressions when you enter a foyer? Share with us a front entry that you love with the hashtag #area3foyer

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