July 22nd, 2015

Books Are Worth More Than Their Cover

With e-books and e-readers escalating in popularity, books and libraries tend to be forgotten and are thought of as a thing of the past. Remember being a child and devouring endless amounts of books on a day-to-day basis?  Some of us have collected vast amounts of books over the years, which now sit in cardboard boxes in the garage. What a shame!  No matter what size space you have, books can add character. From a stack of coffee table books to a home library, there are plenty of ways to get inspired by books all over again. Below are some of our favorite ways to create a space inspired by books.

Stack ‘em

Coffee table looking a little bare?  We love keeping a few books stacked up on a coffee table or side table in the living room. Find a few great books with interesting covers or catchy titles (these can be great conversation starters). Pile them up and place a stack on the floor next to a floor lamp and vase to create a vignette. This adds visual interest. I truly believe every home needs art and books; these are two things that give your home a personality. Isn’t it fun to see what someone is currently reading?  Fiction, non-fiction, college text books?  What are you currently reading?  Are you more of an avid reader but don’t have a big enough of a collection to fill a bookshelf?  That’s okay!  Display your books along with some decorative accessories and family photos on a shelf, console or nightstand.


Bookshelves don’t have to be boring like the endless ones at the library. We are loving Crate & Barrel’s Leaning Wall Shelf and West Elm’s Lacquer Storage Bookshelf. Also check out IKEA for a variety of options. From tall linear bookshelves to ones that have a mix of rectangular compartments, there is no shortage of interesting bookshelves on the market to suit your style and budget. Get one without a back and use it as a room divider!  Fill it with your favorite books, some decorative pieces, framed photographs and perhaps some items you have collected over the years.

Get Inspired

Locally we have some restaurants and shops that have used books to add character to a space. Since it is still summer and patio season, go check out Tap & Barrel in Olympic Village. Before you go out to the second floor patio for a couple drinks, check out the “The Library,” the 12-seat private dining area tucked in the back. If you are downtown and in the Waterfront area, Tap & Barrel has another location which also has a library area that is worth taking a gander at. Then why not head over to Gastown?  There are many stores with great products and interiors to inspire. Worthy of a visit is LYNNsteven, a women’s clothing boutique designed by local talent Michael Green Architecture. Here you will find a unique cylindrical partition built from books that MGA bought off of Craigslist. From afar the cylindrical form at LYNNsteven looks like it is made of bricks. A unique, functional and very intriguing focal piece, the design won the 2010 IIDA Project of the Year Award. Get out and get inspired!


What’s the last book you purchased? Share with us your bookshelves and a few of your favorite reads with the hashtag #area3books