September 14th, 2016

What’s In Store For Fall

We’re in the last bit of summer now and as much as we’d like to soak it all up in complete and utter relaxation there’s a small part in each of us that must be a tad curious about this upcoming fall season of 2016. Take a peek below and start planning how you can stay on trend.

Colour’s in the Clear

Looks like colour is coming back to play! In particular, river blue and mustard yellow are getting mixed into interiors all over the place. Let’s remember to be subtle about it though and stick with accents and décor. Think upholstery, pillows, throws, and kitchen accessories. As the colder fall season approaches and change can be a little stressful to some at times, blue hues will help keep all that relaxation you did over the summer alive. Wrap yourself up in a deep blue cozy throw with your morning coffee before you start a busy day of work. As we start to see a lack of sun shining into our lives, coming home to pops of yellow here and there will reawaken and uplift any mood effortlessly. Think Mansur Gavriel’s clutches in “sun” while you check out Crate and Barrel’s new kitchen line up of accessories. Warning: Colour with caution; try not to overdo it or else we lose the effects these saturated hues have on us. Try balancing all this colour with a neutral backdrop such as white, grey, or black.

Tech-“no” living rooms

Gadgets out in the open of living rooms are no longer as cool as they used to be. Being connected and plugged into phones, laptops and televisions all day can be a lot on the mind. Did you know the average person spends approximately 8 hours a day in front of a screen? Not very cool. What is cool is having a living room to come home to and unwind your body, soul, and mind away from constant stimulation. A space where you can connect and bond with actual humans! Find a way to hide, store, or clean up your home entertainment in the living room. There are plenty of TV lifts that go inside of cabinets and extend and descend your television upon demand, and Room in Order has lots of cable management solutions like the Yamakazi cable box. Or invest in smart technology that condenses everything into one. Look out for Google Home, a small modern cylinder that works as a radio, speaker, and manages your everyday tasks. Better yet though, have no technology at all in your living room, minimize your use in front of a screen and downsize on the extent of your home entertainment entirely. Spaces where “less is more” are clearing out the clutter this fall.

Metal Detailing

Metal hardware has been just as popular as American politics, exposed, eye catching, and enticing, and it’s not going anywhere either. However, this year’s fall hardware is taking on a warmer and edgier appeal with colours like rosy copper, brushed brass, and polished gun metal. From the runway to your hallway let’s take a look at how these metals are entering our homes. Roll and Hill’s Demeter table lamp is the perfect example of these pairings; a balanced brushed brass shade set on top of half a sphere of white marble. Words don’t do its beauty justice. While we’re on the subject of brass, you’re not going to want to tidy up your belongings into drawers if they are looking as good as the Oji brass bottle openers at Litchfield in Gastown. It’s back to basics this fall, metal combined with natural and raw materials such as concrete and classic stones is your foundation. Though if you must tidy away your accessories, or trending locally made jewelry from Little Dream (hint hint they have great finds), place one of Umbra’s cute metal containers on the counter.

Now that you’ve finished reading this, can you envision all three of these trends working together in one area? Picture this: river blue and brushed brass accents and accessories in a chilled out white living room.

Fall Trends