Queenie Ho

Queenie Ho

Interior Designer

As a little girl, Queenie would often sit at the foot of her bed trying to re-decorate her room. After receiving a Psychology degree from UBC she realized she no longer wanted to pursue this. Instead took a leap of faith and went back to school to study interior design. This journey confirmed her passion. She graduated from BCIT (with honors) while obtaining a kitchen and bath associate certificate along the way. Queenie would go on to work under the Campus Development department at BCIT as a space planner/interior designer for a few years before joining Area3. When she is not working away in the design world, you can find her traveling once a year or finding some random animals to pet.

Finish this sentence. On Sunday mornings you can find me…..

Being woken up undesirably because Levi (my cat) is either 1) having the zoomies, or 2) trying to snuggle.

If we went to happy hour what would you order?

I can’t confidently answer this question without seeing the menu….but, poutine is always good.

Name three words that describe you?