May 4th, 2022

Trend Forecast

As an Interior Designer, people often look at us to provide a glimpse into the current and future trends. Like everyone else we are influenced by many factors such as what we see on TV, movies, politics, books we read, world events, fashion, and of course – travel.  Today we are going to provide insight into current trends that we believe will continue into 2023 and for some many years beyond. We will take a closer look at four current trends: futuristic, 60’s inspired, patchwork, and leather.



This topic isn’t really new – it just keeps evolving. We have many influences affecting this trend, in particular: technology, fashion, and architecture.

I can remember a colleague sharing this video called “A Day Made of Glass……. by Corning (2011)” and being awestruck. Today, many of these predictions have come to life. I recently read an article that stated the average person is currently hooked up to a minimum of seven devices on a daily basis, and this is only predicted to expand. I am sure many of you have an “Alexa” in your home, wear a Fitbit, use a smart TV, stream your favorite shows, or monitor your front door via your phone when not home.  Let’s not forget your furry friend – perhaps you have a Furbo to keep an eye on your four-legged buddy when you’re out; you can even remotely reward him with a treat.

Another technologically related trend is something we look at every day: clocks.  I’m sure you’re very familiar with what a standard analog clock looks like, but have you seen one that tells time with a levitating arm?  The company ‘Flyte’ has brilliantly created ‘Story’ – the world’s first clock that uses a magnetic sphere to levitate above a backlit wood base to tell time; the backlit design and the sphere can also be used to countdown to special dates such as anniversaries and future travel plans.  If you prefer a digital clock, the display that is illuminated through the face of the wooden base can be turned on through their mobile app.

On the fashion front, Rem D. Koolhaas (architect and founder of the Dutch footwear brand and design studio, United Nude) participated in a large art project where items such as shoes and wine glasses were scanned and reduced to a low resolution, replacing former curves with faceted forms.  The Lo-Res car is one of his creations from this project.  Based on the Lamborghini Countach, this car can be described as a conceptual design experiment rather than a conventional car, according to Rem D. Koolhaas.  Featured in multiple articles and magazines, this geometric and innovative concept car was up for auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum in partnership with Energy Independence Now (EIN), a non-profit environmental organization.  It sold for USD$111,111.00.  Read more about this car here.

Koolhaas’ collaboration with renowned fashion and architectural innovators could not be more evident than with the renowned late architect, Zaha Hadid.  The pair created “Zaha Nova” shoes – a new form for shoes unrestricted by the typical rules of shoe design.  United Nude is one creative brand we will continue to watch for as our futuristic inspiration.


One rather prominent and unique project coming to town is the Oakridge Park development.  Westbank and QuadReal have teamed up with Henriquez Partners Architects (HPA) to create Vancouver’s designated new town center, a 4.5M sq. ft. project organized around a nearly 10-acre park, with rather distinct-looking residential towers and one-of-a-kind balcony pods.  These private pods not only provide flexible use of space, but are also complete with heated seating, audio functions, and custom lighting, offering a sanctuary-like space for homeowners to unwind and entertain.   The curvilinear forms stand out from our typical box-type balconies and once completed, Oakridge Park will certainly be a great addition to our Vancouver skyline.


60’s Inspired


If you’re somewhat of a fashionista, you probably know that fashion trends tend to be recycled – a few items pulled from specific decades are sprinkled with bits and pieces from the other decades.  The 60’s era brought us many fashionable items that have yet gone out of style.  For example, prints like leopard, plaid, and paisley continue to dominate the runway. Look no further than Canadian department store, Simons, for a men’s wear-inspired blazer or a flowy satin leopard print skirt that is sure to turn some heads.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the term ‘mid-century modern’ – for those of you who have not, it was a movement that gained traction in the mid-1900s and has made a comeback in recent years.  It’s not surprising it is still going strong as people love the iconic modern pieces with warm, comfortable textures, organic, and modular shapes.  Article, based in Vancouver, is a furniture brand that is highly influenced by mid-century modern design and offers many retro-inspired furniture pieces at reasonable prices.  How about the Sven sofa which is also offered as a sectional and is reminiscent of the Florence Knoll version?  We also think the Denman armchair is worth a mention – this chair is a great scale for small spaces and offers a modern spin on the original teak version.


If you’re looking for another furniture brand that carries mid-century modern pieces, particularly reproductions of 60’s furniture, look no further than the beloved Design Within Reach website.  Unfortunately, there is no brick-and-mortar location in BC; however, another favorite retail store is Inform Interiors which carries many of the same well-known brands and pieces. Like the Carl Hansen & Søn wishbone chair, Herman Miller’s renowned Eames Lounge chair, and the Egg chair from Fritz Hansen, which all continue to offer a timeless design.


A couple of TV shows that have used the 60’s as their story timeline and have been highly praised for their production value include ‘Madmen’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’.  Both series have received great reviews in regards to their ability to fully capture the essence of the ’60s, whether it be through their set and costume design, cinematography, or story-telling (in addition to the acting, of course).  Although not considered newly released dramas, these two productions have successfully aided in the interest of remembering the best (and maybe also the worst of) the 60’s.




You may have seen many high-end fashion brands adopting the patchwork design and securing it in at least one of their classic lines, let it be in the form of wallets, belts, shoes, or purses.  If you prefer something more wallet-friendly and in the form of décor (which could give you an excuse to buy multiple pieces), why not consider either a geometric throw cushion or a handmade, made to order one from Simons?


In addition to accessories, patchwork has also been surfacing in residential pieces such as armchairs and rugs.  Take this cowhide rug from RH, for instance – this unique, mosaic patterned rug would definitely make a great talking point and provide a sharp contrast to clean flooring in any living space.




Think beyond that comfy worn-in sofa – leather looks are popping up in home décor elements like wall and floor tile, wallcovering, and of course – upholstery.

These unique “leather” tiles from Sammy’s Designer Flooring have the look of leather, adding extravagance and texture to a home while maintaining the easy cleaning and durable properties of a porcelain tile.  If you prefer a cleaner look, maybe consider this subtle leather pattern.  Otherwise, if you desire a more attention-grabbing product, this crocodile-like pattern may just be what you’re looking for.  As for wallcoverings, this luxe vinyl leather product from Phillip Jeffries offers a great look yet, provides practicality with its washability, performance, and type A-rated wall application suitable for commercial spaces.

People either love it or hate it, but leather pants have been back in style for the past few years.  The minimalist and well-loved clothing brand Oak + Fort has brought in a versatile, vegan version of them for animal lovers who are also environmentally conscious. Might we also suggest the smooth faux leather leggings available at Simons.  For men, how about the classic biker jacket.

For those who are more interested in leather furniture, many dining chairs and sofas have always come in leather options for a more upscale, luxurious look.  This lounge chair from the adored Poliform Vancouver contrasts smooth, black metal legs against the clean leather.  The Oskar Plush sofa from EQ3 is also a good choice for those who love simple designs and a variety of leather options.

Finally, for all you cocktail lovers: how about this impressive leather cocktail box from CB2? Talk about enjoying a drink in style.