September 9th, 2015

Top 10 Design Quotes

Well since its back to school time for many, (we miss you Joanne!). I found myself reflecting back to my school days and all those talented architects we studied. Some of them I still vividly remember and admire. Some I have had the pleasure of visiting their work in person. Two in particular really stand out (1) The Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe which was much smaller than I had ever imagined (text books really don’t do this space justice). But, it was far more impressive than I anticipated. It was really hard to believe this modern beauty had been designed in 1929. Talk about being ahead of your time! This architect’s design aesthetics is one I most admire. (2) The Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin West Desert Home which was originally his winter home, went on to become his school of architecture. I attended a several hour tour and listened to our guide explain how he would move a limited number of students (and their families) to live alongside him and his wife on this property. Here they would study, have meals together and socialize every day. Walking through the space you really understand his appreciation and love of nature. One of my favorite memories of Arizona.

There are so many talented architects (and designers) past and present. When we were preparing our website we decided to note our favorite design quotes with each of our bios. So here you will find our top 10 quotes. What is yours? Be sure to share using #area3designquote

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