June 30th, 2015

Why I Love White

We’ve all heard about fifty shades of grey – how about fifty shades of white!  Actually all you really need is Pratt & Lambert Designer White 33-1… Please come back!  White is fresh, clean, pure, modern, transitional, sexy, streamlined, industrial, trendy and fashionable. Oh how I love thee!  Every room should start with a base of white. In our sometimes gloomy Vancouver days why not lighten up and embrace the best color ever?  Here are a few of our favorite things about white and how you can inject this magical color in your own space.

Clean Slate

Some people think an all-white space is too sterile and bland. In fact as a designer this is one of the hardest spaces to pull off. In any case we disagree! White makes a wonderful base for any style. Think of this as a blank canvas for your space. You can choose to play with textures, small punches of color or art to really make a statement and create various effects. Those red toss cushions really pop when everything else is white. White can come across as serene, peaceful, very organic or demand attention if it’s drama you crave. White also helps create the illusion of a larger more expansive space. Great for small areas (can you say 600 sq. ft. condo?).


If you still haven’t fallen in love with white like we have, you will soon! The wonderful thing about white is the ability to play with textures. Why not have a high gloss white kitchen with beautiful white marble countertop. It’s a show stopper I assure you!  Play with tiles. Gloss on the wall and matte on the floor in the bathroom. Living spaces can be warmed up with a soft white rug beneath your sofa piled with cushions covered in various textures. If you’re still not comfortable with white yet try a white wallpaper with a bit of texture. One of our favorites by Metro wallcovering is Vescom Tonga (you should check out our washroom). It adds character and interest without being too daring!

Gallery Inspired

We’ve all been to an art gallery or a museum. Those crisp white walls make a perfect backdrop to the artwork and sculptures. Who hasn’t dreamed of living in a gallery inspired home? Try it for yourself – do you own a piece of cherished or original art? Place it on a white wall and watch it magically come to life. A popular trend is a family wall. Try framing all your photos in white on white wall and your memories will take center stage. Add some great lighting and be sure to hang at optimal viewing height and your guests are sure to be impressed.


What do you love about white?  How do you use it?  Have you ever met a designer that doesn’t like it?  Share your thoughts or image with us by using the hashtag #area3white