November 26th, 2014

“Tile Trends”

We have recently had four presentations from the largest tile suppliers in the city. Since the big flooring shows in Europe were just a few months ago, it makes sense that their new products have started to trickle in. Not unlike most materials and finishes we see in our industry – there are always some common threads or “trends” that start to appear. Here are largest ones we have noticed:

1)Concrete leads the Industrial trend. With so many options, polished, rough, aged, stamped and every shade of grey you can imagine.

2)Wood – this one has been around for a while. But, now we are seeing a more traditional influence with inlays, parquet, herringbone, etc. Then there is the more distressed and weathered options continuing the “old meets new” trend.

3)Finally………. this one I am having a hard time embracing! Maybe it will appeal to you? It might be described as having a “Turkish” influence, or I call it the “Missoni” look. It can best be described as pattern, pattern and more pattern! Typically small format interchangeable tiles with a variety of patterns mixed together to create a large pattern/design.

We noticed a few other things – like wider grout lines making a comeback (say it isn’t so), Larger format tiles (love this but Vancouver has been slow to embrace), lastly marble and stone having a large presence in new products. To sum it up, my modern bones are shaking. I am holding out for the sleek, glossy, uniform (little variation) sexy tiles. Everything that goes around, comes around right? If I just wait long enough everyone will want to live in an art gallery once again………… at least I can dream!tile trend photos