June 6th, 2014

What’s in a Name?

whats in a name
So what’s in a name you ask? Well a lot if you are four interior designers starting a new company.  Apparently we weren’t alone – last year Small Business B.C. conducted a focus group and they were shocked to find that their client’s number one concern was what to call their business. Your name is your brand, your first impression; an expression of your style, taste and what everything else about your business “can hang its hat on” (so says our graphic artist, branding guru). It affects your signage, email signature, business cards, everything!

Whew…… now we actually find a name we all agree on, so off to the registry, check, is the URL available (how much will that cost me?), check, trademark, oops here comes a slippery slope. The same words but reversed is this cause for alarm? Maybe? How do we confirm? Let’s ask the owner of the trademark. One problem the registry only gives you a name and address. Thank God for the internet, have you ever stalked someone on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB demanding a response? Could this be considered harassment? Finally a response…………. Sorry ladies but we spent months of time, energy and expense to trademark this name and yours would be deemed to similar so “NO”!

No you cannot proceed with that name. Time for a bottle of wine, this was supposed to be the “fun” part of starting your own business. Why was it proving to be one of the most challenging?

Well back to the original short list of names and the registry office once again, hmmm not good, declined, declined, back to mission impossible. Well we are all ready to jump on a UFO right about now Sigourney Weaver take us away………… Hey how about that Area3? Yes, I really like that one! Wait now there is four of us, oh but four is unlucky in Cantonese. Hmm we are experienced in three design disciplines, yes, yes that’s good! Well if you still want to know the true story I suggest you head over to Area 51 were we buried it.