February 2016

Design Highlights from Palm Springs

Well I recently went on a family vacation to Palm Springs. Like most of you – I had heard many things about this destination over the years (and it’s all true). This is a fabulous destination if you love the sun, golf, tennis and laying by the pool. During the day you can explore the city by hiking or taking in the sites via the world’s largest rotating tramcar or visiting the many neighborhoods. I would have to warn you though if you are a night owl and looking for much excitement after 9 pm you will be sadly disappointed ………… But, we still looked around and found a few fun places to have a drink like the edgy Hard Rock Hotel (great design)! Then a nightcap at the mid-century modern desert boutique Ace Hotel.  Without realizing when we booked our trip a few months back, I was lucky enough to be heading down during Moderism week!!!! Wow what an awesome surprise! Unfortunately my travel companions don’t share my same love of design so I ended up excusing myself for half a day to visit the Bauhaus twenty -21 exhibit on display at the Architecture and Design Center (sure wish Vancouver had one). They even had many of the original classics such as the Le Corbusier LC1 Sling Chair and the cantilever L. M. Van Der Rohe chair to sit on and test out.  Sadly by the time I had realized what events were happening about town and at the camp it was too late. Had I known –  they had guest speakers from the hit show Mad Men along with a mini set, walking tours, double decker architectural bus tours, a series of lectures on the history of Herman Miller and various parties. Big hint – if you head down next year be sure to buy your tickets in advance as everything gets sold out well in advance. However I did manage to capture a great lecture “What Midcentury Looks Like Now“ held at the Annenburg Theatre inside the Palm Springs Art Museum. Which gave me the perfect excuse to visit this beautiful venue. I especially loved the outdoor Faye Sarkowsky Sculpture Garden. Here they had whimsical pieces like “The Man with the world at his feet” in the midst of this beautiful garden and patio area. Well, Palm Springs it was fun! Loved the modern architecture and amazing landscaping (I’m a sucker for a great snake plant, cactus or succulent). I will come back. Probably not on a personal holiday, but definitely for the sole purpose of exploring Moderism Week. All of us at Area3 would have gone crazy to be here during this eventful design week. So hopefully I will see you again in 2017, until then…….

Have you been to Palm Springs? What was your experience like? Share your thoughts with us #area3palmsprings

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A Birthday Card to Area3

Well hard to believe, but our second anniversary has arrived. We thought it might be fun to treat this month’s blog like a birthday card. Here the four of us who have sweat, cried and laughed over the past two years together share some personal thoughts on this special occasion.


KA: In a nutshell ………… the last 2 years have been the best ride of my life (ones that I wouldn’t trade). As a team we have enjoyed some Hi5 days and some thumbs down days. Met, some great people, and forged new client relations. Continued to grow individually and as a company with passion and motivation. Waking up every day and driving to work with a smile and the feeling of accomplishment (even through daily challenges that arise) Everyday is learning day and we all contribute to the baby steps being taken to make Area3 better. Well It’s that time of the year……  get to blow some candles , enjoy a BIG fat slice of cake and raise a glass so we can toast to “Team Area3” for celebrating past achievements and anticipate another busy and successful year. Thank you all for a great year and supporting Area3 as always


LH: Well my baby (I mean my business) is about to have a birthday! In just a few days my partners and I will raise a glass and toast to our second year in business. This is by all accounts a triumph in itself as all of you entrepreneurs out there know. Owning your own company is equally as challenging as it is rewarding. It all depends on whether you are the “glass half empty or glass half full” kind of person. Hope you are the later. We have all read the warnings of owning your own business – the hours, many hats you will have to wear, financial issues, sleepless nights (all true). But, ask me if I would go back in time and change my decision and I would tell you that I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. The rewards are the completed projects, repeat clients, new clients, and new photographs for the website or the first award you win. All yours! Not your employers but what you and your partners built. That is exhilarating. I read a great article recently on Canada small business  where they talk about the odds of success and provide some great tips for survival, be sure to give it a read if you are thinking of taking the plunge. Meanwhile my partners and I will take those bumps in the road and learn how to navigate past them in the future and dedicate our energies on making our company one of the great ones. Well Area3 Happy Birthday, here’s hoping our third year is filled with good design, great projects, happy times and much success! I can’t wait to see what’s in store……….


BC: The first two years certainly had its ups and downs. I’ve learned that business of design is more work than designing itself. Everyday a lesson is learned at Area3. I’m proud that through hard work comes great rewards. Happy 2nd Birthday Area3 and too many more.


MN: Starting your own business is a lot like having a baby.  For 9 months you get to plan, find and design your space,  worry over finding a name and wonder if you are doing the right thing.  Everyone is excited over the upcoming new company.  The big day finally arrives and friends, family, clients and reps are all supportive and so happy for you.  Next comes the sleepless nights and days of worry.   Did we do the right thing, is it going to develop into everything that we hoped for.  Well the answer is yes.  Every day starts with anticipation.  To be able to come to our office and work with people that are just as excited to be here as you are.  Two years old we are now in a great space, have great clients and every day is filled with the pleasure of knowing that you are growing as a business and personally.  Sure there has been some hiccups along the way but they only made us take a look at where we are, what we should change, how to do things better and still find a reason to laugh every day.  Cheers Area3 here’s to another great year.

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