November 2014

“Tile Trends”

We have recently had four presentations from the largest tile suppliers in the city. Since the big flooring shows in Europe were just a few months ago, it makes sense that their new products have started to trickle in. Not unlike most materials and finishes we see in our industry – there are always some common threads or “trends” that start to appear. Here are largest ones we have noticed:

1)Concrete leads the Industrial trend. With so many options, polished, rough, aged, stamped and every shade of grey you can imagine.

2)Wood – this one has been around for a while. But, now we are seeing a more traditional influence with inlays, parquet, herringbone, etc. Then there is the more distressed and weathered options continuing the “old meets new” trend.

3)Finally………. this one I am having a hard time embracing! Maybe it will appeal to you? It might be described as having a “Turkish” influence, or I call it the “Missoni” look. It can best be described as pattern, pattern and more pattern! Typically small format interchangeable tiles with a variety of patterns mixed together to create a large pattern/design.

We noticed a few other things – like wider grout lines making a comeback (say it isn’t so), Larger format tiles (love this but Vancouver has been slow to embrace), lastly marble and stone having a large presence in new products. To sum it up, my modern bones are shaking. I am holding out for the sleek, glossy, uniform (little variation) sexy tiles. Everything that goes around, comes around right? If I just wait long enough everyone will want to live in an art gallery once again………… at least I can dream!tile trend photos

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“Halloween 2014”

Well the autumn leaves are lining my streets, daylight savings is no more, and now another Halloween has come and gone. We had a great time creating paper bats, painting pumpkins and pickling rats. During our open house we had some great creatures stop by like the “Burrowing owl” who took our Grand Prize, as well as Caesar, Pumpkin Pie and his 80’s rocker friend. Who says Halloween is just for kids? Doesn’t everyone want to be someone else even for just a day? What other day do you get to eat all the sweets you want and drink a little witch’s brew? The next best thing is only a few short weeks away…………

Until then the A3 flight crew will be grounded as we wouldn’t want to cross paths with the “jolly man in the red suit”  and his furry friends. We hope you all had as much fun as we did. If you would like to see more pics from our latest event then head over to our Facebook page: Click Here


halloween blog photos


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